“Killer 6” Mustang Smokes a 720hp Nissan GT-R!


A tuning company called Limitless Performance turned a vanilla 3.7L Mustang into the “The Weird Sounding Stang” aka “Killer 6”. It is factory output has been bumped up significantly to 575 hp. But that shouldn’t be enough to take on a Nissan GT-R, right? Especially if that car has the traction advantage and happens to be running on high boost, giving it 720 hp.

But Godzilla doesn’t stand a chance when faced with an all-mighty stampede of American horses… on drugs. In admittedly skewed conditions, the pony car walks all over the GT-R. This video was shot by 1320video at the Street Car Takeover Houston event. What’s funny is that the Nissan GT-R owner has no idea about the imminent defeat he’s going to suffer.

To make things even more amusing, the Mustang has not one but two passengers, one to film the race and a backseat driver who has the pleasure of pressing a big red button from time to time, which sends NOS into the engine. The Ford is also running with the air conditioning on. Why? Because this is Texas and nobody want to have sweaty pits when he’s winning.