Stock Power Hellcat Challenger Goes 10.56 For New Quarter Mile Record


A new record has been set for a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat running on stock power, with a Jazz Blue Mopar muscle car in Lapeer, Michigan went 10.56 last weekend with just 3.09 gears, sticky rear tires and the necessary aftermarket driveshaft.

This Hellcat Challenger is owned and driven by Simon Haddad, who has not made any changes to his Dodge muscle car which increases the power, so from air filter to exhaust tip – this Hemi is factory stock. Like all Hellcat owners who do lots of racing, he has added a stronger aftermarket driveshaft, a set of DOT approved drag radial tires and a set of 30.9 rear gears.

With those gears, tires and the driveshaft, this Hellcat Challenger laid down an awesome 10.56 at 130.99 miles per hour – setting a stock power record for the entire Hellcat community (Chargers included). Earlier in that day, Simon also ran a 10.59 to tie the previous record and a 10.58 to claim the record, and that 10.58 video is available below. Unfortunately, he didn’t get video of the 10.56 run, but I know people who were there to see the run in person and I have seen the timeslips.

So, if you have a Hellcat Challenger or Charger with 3.09 gears, a driveshaft and drag tires – 10.56 is the new record.

Wow if you liked that video be sure to check the out next one below.