Tesla Model S P100D Challenges Camaro Drag Car to 1/8-Mile Race. Mistakes Happen!

We can’t think of too many other cars that have caused as big of a drag strip stir as the Tesla Model S P100D. However, while the electric sedan has impressed us thanks to drag racing stock supercars and muscle cars so far, the time has come for the Tesla to take on a real strip hero. The piece of footage at the bottom of the page allows us to see the P100D taking on a Chevrolet Camaro drag car. Nevertheless, while previous races involved 1/4-mile runs, the stunt we have here has to do with 1/8-mile battles.

The adventure took place at the Farmington Dragstrip in Mocksville, NC. And, as if the people handling the Christmas Tree at the said strip knew the kind of pressure that was on both drivers, the organizers made a few starting mistakes, which led to the pair of speed demons racing on three separate occasions – only the final run was the valid one.

And while we don’t have the specs of the track-prepped muscle car, it’s enough to check out the manic way in which the Camaro hooks to figure out how serious its tech side is.

This is one of the two or three Model S P100Ds featured in the other drag racing videos we’ve brought you, with the car being run by a crew going by the YouTube name of Tesla Racing Channel.

Here are these Tesla lovers explaining their drag strip adventure: “Farmington Dragstrip with the Tesla Model S P100D this go around. This time we bring our fastest one out for the 7.00 Index Race. With our P85D having 2 Wins in Classes can our P100D grab one drag racing where we vs a drag car, older muscle Camaro, that has everything it needs to be a tough competitor and a class winner. The track had a few problems in the end but made for a great videos with back to back…to back runs!