A Boy’s First Car-1970 Dodge Charger!

dodge 2

Rick Moore purchased a barn find 1970 Dodge Charger R/T and gave it to his 13 year old son, Ricky, who’s favorite car is the 68-70 Charger. As it was a drag car, the 440 and 727 have very few miles and the car has only limited modifications. Ward Cleaver could learn a few things from this guy!

At a young age, Ricky fell in love with the coke bottle styling and the rugged 440 of the Charger. Like many young American boys instead of doing school work, he day dreams in class about street racing at stop lights and picking up Kate Upton in his mighty Mopar.

Rick’s friend Mike happened to own a 1970 Dodge Charger that he was willing to sell for a good price. Rick took Ricky out of school (he gets to skip school to get a Charger, could this kid be any luckier?) to purchase his dream ride. Mike purchased the Charger in 1973 to go drag racing and that’s all he did with her. He rarely used her as a daily driver leaving her with low miles on the clock making her a 1970’s Mopar time capsule.

Rick installed a fresh battery and Ricky got to live every 13-year-old’s dream. With a smile on his face a mile wide, he turned the key and set off a 400 horsepower eruption. His day got even better when he drove her out of the garage. Soon father and son got to bond over the project of restoring her to her 1970s glory days. They buffed the paint back to it’s original shine and installed a new hood with 440 markings on it. Ricky frequently takes the car to shows and has had several offers for the car but he has no interested in selling it.

Ricky you are the luckiest kid on the face of the earth, you appear to be a good kid so we are sure you will cherish this vintage machine. When you were 13 years old what car did you dream about driving?

that is a beautiful car in both ways both when it was in the barn and when it was restored.

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